Future HDMI 2.1 a specification to include source-based tone mapping for HDR material

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HDMI Discussion forum, the entity in charge of releasing and also certifying HDMI criteria, will certainly be revealing HDMI 2.1 a at CES 2022. This is the following variation of the current HDMI 2.1 requirement that is presently offered, and also will certainly bring with it source-based tone mapping or SBTM.

According to The Edge, SBTM makes it possible for tone mapping of HDR material on the resource gadget instead of the display screen. This indicates, if you have a Blu-ray gamer linked into a television and also playing HDR material, the tone mapping for the HDR material will certainly be done on the Blu-ray gamer instead of the tv.

Upcoming HDMI 2.1a spec to add source-based tone mapping for HDR content

While the post does not supply any type of additional information, SBTM does seem extremely comparable to the TV-led or Player-led tone mapping sustained by Dolby Vision. TV-led tone mapping is typically the default alternative as it permits the television or screen to tone map the inbound signal to the attributes of the display screen causing the very best photo high quality.

Nevertheless, some gadgets and also tv versions, most significantly the Xbox Collection gaming consoles and also older Sony tvs, assistance Player-led tone mapping for Dolby Vision, which does the tone mapping on the resource gadget in an initiative to minimize latency and also input lag yet usually offers substandard photo high quality.

It appears SBTM in HDMI 2.1 a will certainly function in a similar way and also will likely have comparable end result. By being made component of the HDMI specification, it needs to come to be easily accessible to all HDR criteria, consisting of HDR10 and also HDR10+ without needing to rely upon Dolby Vision’s exclusive execution. Nevertheless, it continues to be to be seen if the function has any type of remarkable advantages over existing display-based tone mapping method.

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